Monday, August 9, 2010

Short Term plans

Everybody keeps asking, what are ya'll doing? When you running again? What are you doing next year? Are ya'll crazey? What else is going on? There are always a lot of questions in racing and always changing answers.

So here are a few answers:

1. We are slowly accumulating the stuff to field a USAR Pro Cup team. Manufacturer to be determined later. That's the PC way of saying whatever is the cheapest. But leaning really hard towards a ford. Anybody got a set of headers for a Pro Cup Ford motor? We need a set and they are sell a kidney costly.

2. We have no idea when we'll run again. Originally we'd hope to have the funds to run Concord. But that race is in less than 3 weeks. Right now, we have no sponsors, therefore, we won't run. Check the Pro Cup schedule at

3. In a perfect world, we would run the full pro cup series with a funded driver. AKA someone who purchases our ride for the year at $$$ per race. We'd also like to find enough local sponsorship for Joseph to run as many races as possible.

4. No more crazier than someone who gets up at 3 a.m. in the freezing cold, climbs a tree and waits on Bambi to maybe walk by. You have your hobby and we have ours.

5. Administrative stuff: searching for a larger shop. Working on website, writing this blog, sponsorship proposal, team logo, etc, etc. Need to write press release next annoucing Concord race needs sponsors....

Next Post will cover the long term plans. And if that one doesn't get me shipped to the looney bin, nothing ever will.

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