Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long Term Plans 3 - 5 Years From Now

So I'm rubbing my crystal ball, peering through the smoke (victorious burnout smoke)to tell all you folks where we will be in 3 - 5 years. I guess this should come with a warning: Please read at your own risk. Not responsible for choking, falling or other detrimental bodily functions occurring while reading this blog.

To run two successful teams on a short track touring series (we'll assume Pro Cup, just for fun) we will need a shop full of equipment. Oh yeah, Scott already had a lot of tools and stuff. So we are starting off in pretty good shape.

We'll also need 6 cars. (Two down, four to go.) I'm peering off into the corner of the shop, in the crystal ball of course, and I see two Legends cars. And next to them are two super late model cars. Wow. This is growing into a one stop shop for driver development.

On the other side of the Pro Cup cars are three Trucks...that's right THREE CW series trucks. Of all the racing Scott and I did, we truly loved the competition and hard racing in the truck series the most. Parked on the side of the shop under a nice covered awning, is a 53 foot featherlite trailer...used people. I don't buy new. But really nice with aluminum wheels so Scott can rub and rub.

Watch where your walking...that's a surface plate on the floor. Just for Zeke to use to set these little darlin's up. And several storage lifts. Because with this many race cars, you got to go up. Along the walls are storage shelves and roll arounds for each car. And taped to the windshield of each car is the series rule book.

Of course with Scott and Zeke both being neat freaks, we have a vast assortment of storage units for gears, transmissions, etc. There will also be a parts area, with neat rows of nut/bolt bins.

So how will we get from where we are now to this grandiose picture in my crystal ball? As one coworker has told me, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. A little salt and pepper. Maybe some hot sauce. We will take all of the above, break it into small goals spread over a 5 year time span. And Bam!! We are there.

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