Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Joseph: The Development Driver

Joseph Lewis has been driving race cars for the past 7 years. He is a senior at Georgia Southwestern University. The soon to be college graduate has an assortment of wins on dirt and asphalt. The last few years, he has been running the local dirt tracks around south Georgia and eastern Alabama.

Son of Joe and Tami Lewis of the Hopeful community (and sister to Emili lest I get in heaps of trouble from her fan club), Joseph has made a big leap this year going from a heavy dirt car to a Pro Cup stock car.

Joseph finished 11th at South Boston, not an easy track for a debut. It was hotter than 40 hells and a late afternoon rain shower left us with a green race track. Joseph brought the car home in one piece. Not bad. Not bad at all for his first start. What Joseph lacks in seat time, he makes up for in maturity, calmness and car control. Which just happen to be traits you can't teach a driver.

Most drivers in a development program barely have their leaner's license. Some folks might make a case for Joseph being too old already to start a professional driving career. We think that Joseph has had time to be a kid, a college student and has had time to mature. So many of the young kids today do nothing but race from age 5 and eventually burn out.

Joseph's ultimate goal is to drive in the truck series. We know we can make that happen.

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