Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Scooter (aka: Team Owner, the Face of BackRoads Motorsports)

He’s a city slicker, raised up inside the loop of Atlanta in the Chamblee area. So how did he, bless his heart, wind up down here? I would say he followed his heart, but more like three little hearts. That's Mr. Team Owner, Scooter, in the blue shirt with the infamous Big Daddy in red.

Scott spent many years in the body shops of Atlanta, training as a paint specialist with BMW and Mercedes. A friend of a friend said come help me paint this race car; so he did. The car belonged to ARCA driver Mark Gibson. By the end of the year, Scott was hired to do paint, body work and drive the hauler for Billy Ballew Motorsports in the ARCA and Truck series way back in 1996. And basically he’s been involved in some type of racing ever since.

He met his wonderful wife (who also signed his paycheck) while working for Cunningham Scherer Gibson Racing in 1997 (CSG Racing). He then moved on to Hardy Motorsports in the Truck Series. After a few years off, Scott returned to the ARCA series and has basically been working since 2000 with Mark Gibson and Cunningham Motorsports.

He really has no hobbies…no hunting, fishing or chasing wild women. But he loves racing. So a few Pro Cup cars later, BackRoads Motorsports was born.

“If were easy, everybody be doing it,” Scott says about racing. “It’s hard and dirty work with long hours, lots of riding and late nights. And it’s not for everybody. I always told the new kids, never look at your paycheck and divide by the hours you work. You don't race for the money. You race because that's what you want to do."

Scott is married to Rebecca Newton Thorpe (me) and they have four children: Brandon, Maddie, Carlee and AnnaBelle. The oldest three have a few years as track brats. AnnaBelle is in training.

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