Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet Zeke

Thought I'd introduce ya'll to the team and just naturally started with Zeke. Known to the government as Richard Ezekiel, Zeke, aka Paw Paw, is originally from the Hueytown, AL area. That's him to the right over there in the yellow shirt, schooling Joseph at Radford, VA.

Zeke has worked in most of the stock car sanctioned series and has forgotten more about a race car than most folks ever learn. He was formerly a crew chief in the ARCA series. We can't tell you how we got him down here, but let's just say, we hope we can keep him.

Zeke has been extremely busy the last few months. Not only does he help Joseph with his dirt car, he also crew chiefed his first USAR Pro Cup race at the famed South Boston Speedway. He is currently putting together a car for our next start (tba). A recent dumpster diving trip to Charlotte for parts and pieces resulted in plenty of stuff to do around the shop. Hopefully after putting together the Ford, Zeke will get started building one of our cars.

Zeke has one son, Matt and a granddaughter Carissa. He is single ladies. But the race cars come before dating!

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