Monday, August 2, 2010

The Shop: Bet You Can't Find It!

If the name BackRoads conjures up gravel "paved" roads of the rural south then we shouldn't be hard to find. Take a left off the four lane and go through the small town of Cotton. Then go a few more miles and hang a right. Go about 3 more miles and the shop should be on the right. If you wind up at the fork in the road you done gone to far.

Yes folks, that's the actual directions, less the road names, to BackRoads Motorsports. Right across the road from a big ol' cotton field. Smack dab in the middle of almost nowhere. And not where most folks expect to find this kind of operation.

Sadly we are almost out of room. With three Pro Cup cars, Joseph's dirt car and MGR's beloved ARCA car Katie there isn't room for much else. Which also means I'm still on car restrictions.

We don't have room for the paint booth where we currently located. So, we've reluctantly begun searching for more space. How much? Well we'd like about 5,000'. That is really hard to find down here. What few buildings that would work are drastically over priced. Just don't tell their owners that.

So if you know of someone wanting to rent some warehouse/industrial space located in South Georgia, please give us a holla!

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