Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Elephant Report: Small Bites II

This last week at the shop, Scott and Zeke got the air hooked up and running full blast. They are still looking for a larger tank (like a big house size gas tank)to add to the compressor tank to make more air.

Zeke has gotten a ton of stuff done to BRM Ford #2. It is really coming along. The motor is ready to be set over in it. And we found headers. We have headers coming out our rears. Very very excited. All I can say is the racing community is extremely generous. And a very big thank you to those who are helping with the parts and pieces.

Zeke and Scott are on their way back down here with the other Ford. They will roll in late late tonight. This car will be ready to shake down in about a week. It needs a seat, breaks, and a good nutn and boltn. Can't wait to see all of our efforts out on the track. Maybe by the end of the week we will have a set date and location for this test session.

In racing this week: it is the last off weekend for our friends in Cup. I hope they enjoy it and get well rested. Not another day off until Thanksgiving. Yes folks, I literally mean they race the weekend before T'giving. The road course in Canada should be a good race tomorrow. My favorites are Marcos's the accent, Max's his enthusiasm and the accent and ARCA regular Justin Marks.

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