Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bristol Update

Leave Danica Alone, D***it!!

It’s Bristol people!!  And by far the best race I’ve seen at my next to the favorite track (ahhh Salem, IN is still my most favorite).  In fact, best short track race next to the truck series old NASCAR has seen in years.  Take that COT!!
What is all this belly aching about Danica at Bristol?  Come on folks, it is the hardest track on the series.  She has vast amount of experience going very fast on big tracks, but lacks a lot of bull ring seat time.  Personally, I would have had her run every race there this weekend.  Yep, even the K&N race.  Seat time at Bristol is priceless.  Give her more time.  I promise, her crew chief Tony Gibson knows short track racing. He did it for years.

Points Leader…

Is it too early for me to be calling for a repeat from my boy Bradley?  Maybe so.  Even without a trophy (so far) this season, he has been hanging in the top 3, top 5 every race.  Now he’s on top of the leader board.  He was tougher than old cowhide when he got on top last year.  Them Hendricks boys better get to paddling a little harder.  This season could be one of them straight up dog fights.  Let’s hope for the sake of NASCAR, the competition level is coming back, across all makes.

Denny, Denny, Denny…get some sleep
Parenting is tough business and it has been noticeable that as some of the cup drivers became parents the last few years, an adjustment period commenced.  Maybe that explains what has gotten into Denny.

I agreed with him 100% on the fine with NASCAR issue.  But when he punted Joey at Bristol, I started thinking maybe he needs a nap.  Come on dude.  You pissed and moaned with Brad and look who has the BIG trophy and who don’t.  Maybe you should concentrate on the business at hand.  Win a race.  Win a championship.  ( hubby reminded me...Denny got a trophy...)

This New Car…
It looked much better at Bristol.  My concern isn’t how it races on a short track.  I’d tell most of the drivers to take care of the tires, shut up and RACE.  But I don’t expect a whole lot of competitive racing at Cali.  Let’s face it, that is one of the most boring races on the entire circuit.  Don’t know if I could drink enough red bull to keep me awake in the car for that one.

  • Hopefully the engineering powers that be at NASCAR will take notice and make some tweaks.  We fans want to see the drivers drive, side by side.  That’s why it is called racing to begin with.

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