Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Rebecca: The other owner (aka hbic)

When I first started pursuing a career in racing, I never knew just how much angst it would stir amongst my family and friends. If I had a dollar for every time I was told to get a real job, I could fund this team for YEARS.

I ignored the naysayers and stood firm, beginning my career as an intern at a motorsports magazine and then worked my way into the public relations side of the sport. After graduating with an accounting degree, I eventually wound up at CSG Racing working with Mark Gibson and Kerry Scherer where I met Scott.

The Cunninghams by far, were excellent team owners. They provided the opportunity for a hick girl from a small town to criss cross this country and see stuff I'd probably never have to the opportunity to see. Certainly an eye opening experience for me. And at a time period in my life this was not only profound, but priceless. Who knew they had rednecks in Berlin, Michigan??

Racing ain't easy for a female and I chose to go back to corporate accounting before Maddie was born. Scott continued to race while I stayed home with the kiddies. Eventually, we bought an ugly rv and the kids and I started following him to the track. Thankfully, the girls loved to ride.

For the most part, we looked like the Clampettes when we unloaded. Kids, dogs, strollers, wagons, etc exploded from our little motorhome. We parked the old girl right up in the middle of all the high dollar American Eagles and Prevosts. Funny, we are still racing and many of those folks aren't!

The racing life is one you love or don't. Some families go to the lake on the weekends, we go to the racetrack.

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