Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is AJ’s Career Permanently Dinged?
I have yet to weigh in on the Dinger situation, mainly because I am an AJ fan and was thrilled when he got the Penske ride.  I felt that his season had finally turned the corner and his team was beginning to jell…and their finishes supported this.

I also think AJ is a really good guy. So I was very surprised that he popped his drug test.  I also respect his choice to not identify the drug.  I also greatly respect that he has chosen to cooperate with NASCAR’s rehab program. I hope that he can eventually return to the sport. 

I also fully support NASCAR’s testing program.  I would not want a team mate/driver on the track with somebody doped up. I most certainly don't want my husband going over the wall to change tires while wondering if some driver coming down pit road has a drug problem.
I have had several NASCAR licenses prior to the drug testing program.  Then and now I would happily pee in the cup.  Not a problem for me. 
However, under today’s rules, I would have to be very devout about keeping up with my prescription and over the counter meds. Which I think is a bigger issue and what is generally perceived by the fan base.  Many of over the counter meds are made in foreign countries.  As are many generic medications.  I know what the bottle says I’m taking…but I’m pretty clueless about the ingredients.

Does this mean that each driver should have a personal toxicologist to review all medications ingested? Gees…they have lawyers, accountants, personal trainers and now Toxicologist?  I am concerned that perhaps the NASCAR drug testing program is too broad.  Hopefully NASCAR will continue to review its policy and make adaptations as needed.  Until then, my best wishes to AJ. 

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