Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AnnaB Wants a Race Car

There is no doubt that Scott and I love us some racing. Just about any series. After spending the summer at Atlanta Motor Speedway and watching the Summer Legends shootout, I've had a hankern' to buy us one of those little cars.

AnnaBelle (darlin' daughter #3) took a shine to the Bandoleros. Cute little cars. And I've been trying to find her one reasonable priced. I'm a hardcore bean counter folks. My reasonable and your"s probably aren't the same.

AB can't get licensed in INEX until she turns 8, which will be this December. And don't think she has forgotten about wanting a race car. Of course, this is not a cheap endeavor. And her Mimi isn't really happy about "her baby" strapping into a race car.

I'm not concerned with whether AnnaBelle can handle the competition. She is exactly the opposite...I'm worried that she will get booted for rough driving.

We also have to weigh the expense of running the Bandolero series with the interest of daughters #1 and #2. Maddie has taken a shine to basketball which will start up this fall. So it's looking like AB will have to wait until the Summer shootout series this next summer to make her racing debut. Which is just fine with me....I'll get a few more months for her to be my baby.

Next up will be a test in Florida. We will keep everyone posted and let you know how our girl does. Now to find a pink driving suit and helmet!

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