Monday, August 6, 2012

Pocono Roundup

Gordon to Victory Lane

Well, well didn’t know Jethro still had it in him. Hadn’t figured him in for one of the wild card chase spots either. Pretty much figured that Newman would continue racking up top tens and lock that wild card down. Oops on my part. Guess the old saying it’s better to be lucky than good half applies here…Gordon finally got Lady luck on his side and he capitalized on his team mate’s error.

Gordon is definitely adding some interest to these last non chase races. Wins count now more than ever. The only hope a few drivers have is to bring home the hardware. I’m still pulling for Newman. It’s an old ARCA thing.

Tsk Tsk Kasey…Watch those tweets…

As a race fan you plan your event weekend…save your pennies, buy tickets, hunt the best motel deals or gas up the ole homemotor. You anticipate the excitement and spending a long weekend with 100,000 plus likeminded race loving individuals. And you also know that once the checkered flag falls, the real race begins…exiting the race track to start your journey home is a race unto itself. And has been for as long as I’ve been a race fan, attending a few events a year.

Even for team members, the end of the race presents its own unique challenges. If you are fortunate enough to work for a flush cup team, the flight home is a very nice, large private plane. If your team is economizing, your flight home might be a group charter…filled with 100 plus folks as tired and ready to be home as the next exhausted crewmember.

So when Kasey Kahne tweeted that “Crew members are by far the biggest a$$holes on the road after any NASCAR race. Week in and week out”, I took exception and along with a few other wives of crew members and let the spoiled little helmet toter hold one.

The race at Pocono ended amid a major storm with high winds and lightening. Crew members were scrambling to get equipment off of pit road and loaded into the hauler. Once the haulers were loaded the crew guys literally had no here to go but to their rental cars and then to the airport. No motorcoaches, no private planes.

Gee whiz Kasey. You couldn’t sit in your bus a little longer before heading out to your private plane ride home? For a driver that has been over hyped and consistently under delivered, now is not the time to bash crew members. Yours or anyone else’s. Especially using social media.

I had hoped to look on twitter today and find at least a half-hearted apology. So far, no go. Guess Kasey doesn’t need friends in the garage or his own crew members. Without his crew, Kasey is just another steering wheel holder. I doubt seriously he can work on/set up his car nor load the hauler and drive it to Watkins Glen. But if I were on his team, he’d get the opportunity. Oh, yeah pretty boy…don’t forget your eyeliner!

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