Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watkins Glen Recap

Wow!!  What a finish.  No really WOW!!! NASCAR hasn’t had that kind of hard racing amazing finish all year.  Maybe it was the oil on the track.  But whatever “IT” was, by far the best last lap of the year.  Kez drove everything he had out of the car.  And my #2 man Ambrose ( Kez is #1, it’s an ARCA family thing) went after the win. 

Oil on the track…
NASCAR competition director Pemberton claims he did not see the oil.  But the drivers claim it was there.  And the cars drove like the track was oiled.  But what the hey…oil down Bristol the last ten laps and I’ll buy a ticket!! 

Kyle Busch uh oh’ed
Ooops…  Busch swung a little wide and came down on Kez.  At least that’s how the beginning of the last lap looked to me.  And I replayed it twice.  Call it camera angle if you want.  I call it mistake by Busch.

The King in Victory Lane
Now how awesome is that?  Only would have been better had it been the 43 car.  Still love the King.  Always will.

Wild Card
Cue up the “Wild Thang” music.  Now who really has the wild man within?  Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman are 1 and 2 in the wild card standings.  Newman is feistier and I think the slug fest for that final chase spot is his if he powers it on at Michigan.

Junior, Where are you?
A late race spin cost Junior 10 spots in the running order for the race.  More costly, the drop to fourth in points.  Never fear, Michigan is next and he seems to have a fondness for the wide track.  And he’s not too bad a playing fuel poker.  I’m looking for the 88 to make a strong run next weekend also.

Tony…its Walk…not Talk
Soooo in Tony’s media center interview prior to the race Tony Steward basically states that he will punt anyone who attempts to block him during the race.  Gee Tony, road course racing is the fraternal twin to a short track…kind of hard to determine if someone is blocking or just trying to get around the track.  Regardless, while running 2nd, Tony wrecked and finished 19th. 

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