Friday, April 20, 2018

When Dad’s Away Racing

No, Mama and the girls aren’t at home playing.  We haven’t mowed the grass either.  Or got the oil changed.  Sigh

Most days, you can find me running the family Uber.  Our middle daughter doesn’t drive and attends high school out of district.  Just getting her to and from school can be a family affair. The baby, also known as “God has a ginormous sense of humor”, is in 7th grade.  She plays basketball and throws shot and discus for track.  Many days, I’m rushing to get her to practice and pick up the other kiddo from after school tutoring.

You know, that’s just the normal Mom stuff with Dad on the road.  It is kinda comical how many people assume, and not correctly, that since the hubs works in racing that we are rich and I don’t work.  After I get over a hysterical bout of laughter, I ask them what would ever give them that impression.

I’m an accountant and work at least a 40 hour week, often working overtime during audit, fiscal year- end, and calendar year end.  Yayyy W-2s and 1095C’s.

But I know how it is these days with social media.  All these wives and girlfriends of drivers and crew chiefs are posting all over the place.  Well heads up: ladies y’all are giving us lower series wives are bad rap.  Please quit posting all those Instagram pics working out and looking cute.  And those of your cute kiddos, clean and dressed up, all matchy matchy.  THAT is not the normal life for most of us crew wives.  We don’t live that high on the hog.

I don’t have a maid. Heck fire, I’m just happy most days that we can see the floor. Shhh, don’t tell the middle child that.  She’s got her Daddy beat in the OCD department and keeps the kitchen pretty spotless.  But with three girls we fight about the laundry, (There is soooo much laundry…), who’s cleaning toilets and feeding the dogs.

No pool boy either.  Or a pool, but a girl can dream, you know?  Right now I need a yard boy or a herd of goats.  No lawn service for us, even though I did offer to Scott to pay for lawn care during the race season. I’m figuring he’ll cave about the end of May. Until then, I’m working a deal to borrow the neighbor’s goats.  If that fails, I guess we will start push mowing on Sunday afternoon.
I gotta dawg in the G.  Maddie Thorpe, UGA freshman
I’m pretty certain that I’m just one member of a much larger group of very independent spouses.  We have to be in order to be Mom and Dad 33 weekends a year. Over the years, the girls and I have gotten pretty good at doing our thang.  Which just happens to be be GDay this Saturday. The joys of living right outside of Athens and be a fan of all things red and black...Go Dawgs! 

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