Monday, April 9, 2018

It is day 7 of 22 days

So far, all the vehicles are still running, the plumbing hasn’t clogged up and all the critters are well.  Oh yeah, the girls are doing fine too. 
These are major accomplishments in the Thorpe household.  Nothing ever tears up or breaks down until Scott is on a road trip.  A Three week road trip could be a recipe for calamity at our house. 

With all this rain, we will probably have to do some push mowing next week. I can literally hear the grass growing.  And I don’t think the grass is going to hold out until Scott gets home. Three acres ain’t a lot until it is. I’ll video us pushing that mower.  If nothing else, it should be some great comic relief.

Oh, where’s he at?  Scott, husband and Dad, drives the hauler for Ryan Sieg Racing.  He’s on the 3 week west coast NASCAR run that seems to get longer every year.  Due to logistics and resources, the team stays out.  Note:  I’m an accountant and we’ve owned a trucking company.  It is much more cost effective to stay out than run back and forth to Georgia.

The guys are currently still in Las Vegas, hanging out at South Point Casino.  OK, they are working on the cars too.  There’s always motors to pull and cars to scale. They will probably drive down to Phoenix Thursday morning and then on to Cali before making the long trip back to Georgia.

I know, I know…I should be use to this by now.  Scott and I met racing at Nashville Fairgrounds.  He worked for Billy Ballew and I had gone up to work the race for them that weekend.  That’s been 21 years ago.  I’ve been a race wife for a very long time.

I’ve pretty much adjusted to being a single “married” parent during the season.  In the early days when the girls were younger and not involved in a lot of school activities, we pretty much did what we wanted on the weekends.  We would visit Mimi and Poppy, go see friends and cousins and occasionally go to the race track.

Fast forward and today we have a freshman in college who played three sports and was very active with adaptive PE and special Olympics in high school; a junior in high school that’s very social and on the “spectrum”; and bringing up the rear, a 7th grader in middle school that has just started the “sport” life.  Oh, yeah…all girls.

We got your drama at the Thorpe house.

I spend a lot of time on the sports shuttle, taking to and picking up from practice as well as taking to school and picking up afterwards.  I also work full time as an accountant. You can believe I’m making lots of laps with Scott out of town for nearly a month.  When he gets home, once the grass is mowed, he gets carpool duty for at least a week.

So yes, we are counting down the days until Scott/Dad gets home.  The dogs miss his early morning routine.  The cat doesn’t have a workout buddy. I’m sure the oil needs changing in something.   And Mom and the girls are getting over all the extra free time.

Don’t tell the stove, its enjoying the break.

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