Thursday, April 12, 2018

It’s Bristol, Baby!!

The last Coliseum, short track heaven, destruction on wheels…call it whatever you want.  Bristol, even in its latest form, is still one of the best short tracks in America. Salem is my fav, so go ahead, @ me. 

I’m not sure why the fans no longer flock there as in the olden days.  It is by far one of the best sight line tracks that NASCAR goes to. So if you are in the area, especially on Saturday, I’d urge you to attend.  There really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Kids 12 and under get in free, so load up the neighborhood kids and take them for a  inexpensive and fun event.

Bristol, being just a short ride from the house, was on my list to attend. But motherhood intervened.  Instead, I will be attending DD3’s basketball tournament over the weekend.  Yes it is possible to watch basketball and racing at the same time, thanks to twitter and the NASCAR app.  Somebody remind me to purchase some ear thingies. And set the DVR. 

My preference is by far the short tracks.  If Brent Dewar let me set up the xfinity schedule, I promise it would be shorter and at least 60% short tracks.  Why? Short tracks are action packed and up on the wheel demanding.  And I’d like to see the hubs a little more often.  Call me selfish, but I’m willing to bet a 28 race schedule with the addition of some historic short tracks would not only revive the series, but give much need financial relief to the owners.

Where do I want to go?  Well when it’s hot down south can we go to IRP or Milwaukee?  And in the spring I’d like to go to South Boston, Myrtle Beach or Pensacola.  I’ve already named Salem as my favorite short track.  My favorite win there was Justin Allgaier in September of 2007.  Lil Gator shore could wheel it around that place.  He went 3 wide with Kimmel and a lapped car can came out victorious.  Besides, September weather in Indiana is beautiful.

There are actually so many historic short tracks that have the capacity and facilities to host a truck/xfinity double header.  The schedule could have some variety instead of the boring tri-ovals.

Where would I cut races?  I see no point in going somewhere twice, other than Iowa.  And yes, that includes Daytona.  I’d take out a Dover, Chicago, Atlanta (sorry homies, it’s boring) Charlotte and Indy. That gets us down to 28 races.  End the season by Halloween.  And why are there THREE road course races in one month?  Redundant much?  If I wanted to watch a road race I’d be an IMSA fan.  Lose at least two of those and replace with short tracks, please.

If we’re going to continue to do the west coast, at least replace Vegas and/or Cali with short tracks.  That’s way too much sugar for a dime for me.  I’d be quite happy if they never went back to Cali and just picked up Irwindale and run the whelen, trucks and xfinity series together.  What a trifecta!

Each month should have a weekend off to give the independent teams some catch up time.  This might mean running some Wednesday/Saturday or some other combination of multiple events.  I’d like a Friday night/Sunday afternoon myself.  This leaves Saturday night open for the local tracks.

It is possible to tweak this series, make it more fan friendly and appeal to the core of short track fandom.  Y'all have fun at Bristol.  Hoping its a paint trading fender banging of a good time.

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