Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Richmond Night Race

Also known as:  Why I love close to home Friday night races.

The RSS team traveled to Richmond this past Friday night.  It was a one day show and definitely a physically hard race for the team.  Their morning started about 6 am and didn’t end until the haulers were loaded about midnight.

Scott and Tony pulled out of Richmond and stopped about an hour south to get fuel and sleep.  They were some wore out puppies.  The guys rolled into Buford about 3 pmish Saturday afternoon.  Being they are awesome hauler drivers, they unloaded the bottom of their wagons, cars too, before coming home.

Being the senior citizens of the team, Scott spent the evening resting before going to bed early.  Not a problem because he had ALL day at home Sunday afternoon.   This is unusual for us because by the time they race on Saturday afternoon, its late Sunday afternoon or night before he gets home.

Sunday morning was busy.  The grass got mowed!! Needless to say, the dogs were ecstatic, the kids were ho-hum and the neighbors almost organized a block party. The puppies ran around in their freshly mowed pen and the dandelions are gone.  Scott also helped me re-pot vegetable seedlings for our summer garden.  OK, he emptied some old flower pots and toted the bags of dirt for me.

After our yard work, we spent the rainy afternoon watching old movies and just hanging out. I fixed dinner and our eldest daughter, a freshman at UGA, came home to eat with our family.  You know, normal, mundane family stuff, right?

Friday night races give us a rare occasion to have an almost “normal” weekend.  Sometimes I wish we had more of them.  Yes, I’m a proponent of a shorter season and even double header weekends like we did in the old ARCA days.
Carlee, Scott, AnnaBelle & Maddie at Darlington Raceway
I take about every opportunity to tweet and advocate for a major change in the Busch/Xfinity schedule.  This definitely would be an in-depth post for a later date.  The short of it is, I’d like to see a 28 race schedule, ending sometime in October.  More short tracks, fewer mile n ahalves, one less road course and less time spent on the west coast.

Of course, my perspective is one as an accountant and wife of the hauler driver/crew member.   And maybe there’s a little SEC football fan mixed in there as well.  Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks and a longer off season and more time for football.

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