Monday, May 21, 2018

Planning for Daytona

Things have been very busy around the Thorpe household these last two weeks.  We’ve been winding down the school year, summer ball and getting adjusted to our summer schedule.  It’s been kinda nice to have the eldest home, running the family shuttle.  And to have Scott home these past two weekends, even though he’s been busy mowing and mechanicing.

No, my car isn’t fixed.  I’ve been fretting as my Grandma NancyBelle would say.  Do we rebuild the transmission? Buy a low mileage used transmission? Do I junk the whole thing and take on another payment? Horrors, no.  I’m cheap and really hadn’t planned to start seriously car shopping for one more year.  It’s not in my projected budget.

I guess we are going to check into repairing it. When, I don’t rightly know.  Right now I’m driving the Rover to work.  However, the old girl bad needs a tune up and won’t go far.  So essentially, no one get bad sick or die. 

On the racing front, Scott has painted another car and has started Driver (aka Jeff Green’s) Daytona car.  He should get it wrapped up this week in time to head to Charlotte.  With the demise of ol Bessie, we more than likely won’t be making the trip up which disappoints me as the All Star race was great.

I thought the passing and side by side racing was prenominal.  The cars didn’t look slow to me.  And damn, what is slow when you are running over 150 mph?  I’d much rather see the race we got Saturday night compared to the majority of the D ovals. 

Our next schedule race to attend is Daytona.  The girls want to go for the beach.  The race just happens to be their reason to get there.  I’m not a big fan of the sand but will happily go along for the ride.  Since Ryan has a gift for the draft, I’m looking forward to seeing what he and Mike can pull off at Daytona.  And I never, ever count out the centrum silver gang and Jeff Green. 

Carlee, AnnaBell & Maddie Daytona 2016
So far this year, the superspeedways have been very kind to RSS. Ryan finished 21st at Daytona and 6th at Talladega. Jeff Green finished 11th at Daytona and 13th at Talladega with JJ Yeley finishing 18th at Daytona and 11th at Talladega.  Considering that running 3 cars at a superspeedway is a ginormous task, these finishes are even more amazing because RSS is a small non cup affiliated independent team.  As in, no cup help.  All 3 cars finished both races and in the top 13 at Talladega.

Plus this little team is like a diesel engine.  They might get off to a slow start, but by Daytona in July, these guys are chugging along.  I have no doubt that either of these three drivers could pull off a win at Daytona.  And to experience Rod Sieg in victory lane, I’ll put up with a little sand. 

See y’all in Daytona.  I’ll be under a tent, wearing a hat, under a towel with about four teenage girls with me.  Come say hey and join in on the fun.

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