Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dashing for the Cash

UPDATE: Due to a NASCAR rules violation, Ryan and the RSS Racing team will be eligible for the Dash for Cash $100,000 at Dover. 

This is a great accomplishment for a small nonaffiliated family owned team.  Like it’s a really BIG deal. It’s also a lot of pressure, but we aren't too worried about that.  Ryan has a great record at Dover, having never finished out of the top 20 there.  Crew chief Mike Ford doesn't do too badly there himself with 7 top ten finishes there in his Cup career.

What will this mean for the RSS team?  Well there will be tremendous media coverage.  During the race, the Dash for Cash drivers are highlighted in the running order for the entire race.  They receive many more mentions than the other drivers. So if you are a statistics person, who have access to the Joyce Julius reports, you realize that adds up to a lot of media value for sponsors.

The Dash for Cash drivers are also highlighted on other media sources such as twitter with a hashtags #Dash4Cash.  Search the hashtag on twitter and see the mentions.  Google Dash for cash NASCAR and see there are many articles written about the upcoming Dover race.

What are our chances you ask?  Well 1 in 4.  I have no clue what the Vegas odds are of RSS wining the dash, but a 25% chance is the same as the other 3 drivers.  However, I’m not that clueless.  I’m aware that Jr Motorsports and Gibbs have much deeper pockets and way more resources than a small family owned team.

Sixteen (16) of the 41 teams entered into the race are cup backed or affiliated.   Competing with these teams each week is extremely difficult as it’s hard to match their budget and personnel. The Dash for Cash is an opportunity for the Siegs’ to attract attention to their program. That’s exactly why this is so cool and amazing for the Siegs’ and their small north Georgia team.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m looking forward to seeing these guys get a little media love and attention. You may not have a favorite out of Justin, Elliott, Brandon or Ryan.  But this one time, I’d urge you to pull for the small team, the underdogs of the Dash. 

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