Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Who’d thunk that sign would ever appear next to the world center of motorsports?  Not me.  Like most folks in the NASCAR and racing community I’m a little shocked or at the least mildly surprised from yesterday’s rumors of NASCAR putting out the for sale sign.  Having deep thoughts about the future of what pays my family’s bills is NOT how I envisioned the next couple of off weeks.

My husband has been very blessed to work for the only NASCAR team in Georgia.  In fact, he’s always worked for Georgia teams.  Billy Ballew, Mark Gibson, Charles Hardy, and Kerry Scherer are a few of the owners his been fortunate to drive their haulers. He is in his fourth season with RSS Racing and driver Ryan Sieg. 

We had hopes that he could essentially retire (he’s way older than y’all think) right here racing with the Seigs.  So yeah, we have a little apprehension about any type of sale of the sanctioning body. Not bragging, but Scott is one of the best damn hauler drivers in the sport.  So sure, he could find another type of motorsports to drive in, just probably not in our back yard.

Like most folks, i.e. racing fans, I would like to see more competitive racing.  I’m not, nor have ever been a fan of these D shaped mile n half tracks.  They. Are. Boring.

I would like to see NASCAR make a major schedule overhaul, especially to the Xfinity series.  I had hopes we would see this in 2019 schedule, but realize that most of the contracts with tracks for next year have been signed.  So 2020, in my mind, is the year for those changes.  And I mean BIG.  Like swing for the fences big.  So yeah, I’ve been expecting some pretty significant changes in the very near future.

But sale NASCAR?  What???  Where did that come from?  I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.  Is the France family cashing out?  Or is it too much, or too big? Granted NASCAR’s popularity has waned over the past decade.  We can argue til the cows come home that is partially due to a lack of leadership from the France family.  But outright sale the whole kit and caboodle? 

Flabergasted.  And right after buying the ARCA series.  I just can’t wrap my mind around all of this yet.  I’m sure more information will start trickling out.  We will soon find out how this impacts the racing community and yes, directly my everyday life.

Until then, we will mow some grass, spread some pine straw, fix a few broke down vehicles and enjoy this break in the schedule.

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