Monday, November 7, 2011

Really Not Surprised by the Shrub, Were you?

I watched in horror. No, he did NOT just on purpose spin Hornaday. Not in the truck series. Yes he did. I objected on so many levels for so many reasons.

First of all, Kyle Busch has no business running in the truck series. Period. But since he's allowed to, let me tell you about the Kyle Busch that I saw in the ARCA garage many, many years ago.

He was only 17. He begrudged his appearance at drivers meetings and had that snarky little sneer, even back then. He never appeared to appreciate the hard work his Hendrick crew put into his cars. And God Bless 'em if he wasn't the fastest. His temper tantrums have been around for quite some time.

Other development drivers hung around their haulers, meeting crew members and fans. Not the shrub. Immediately after every practice he took off to the motor home lot. I personally witnessed this on many occasions. Our old ugly RV was down in that lot and he'd walk right past ya, not speaking or acknowledging you were there.

Even to this day, my husband rolls around laughing about Kyle at Pocono. He had a "racing incident" with Ron Cox and the boys from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. Apparently the rocky top fellas thought Kyle was at fault. Kyle didn't agree and tried to climb a fence with about five of the SD boys on the other side. Per the hubby, Kyle's PR person/crewman picked Kyle up, slung him over his shoulder and toted him back to the garage.

Now I personally think that PR dude/crewman would have done the whole world of motor sports a great big favor if he would have just threw him over the fence. Kyle probably would have developed a lot better attitude if he'd got that butt whupped about 8 years ago.

Basically, if you were around back in his ARCA days, Kyle's childish behavior is of no surprise. He really hasn't changed a whole lot. He's older and turned into one hell of a driver. But his attitude still stinks.

And a stinky attitude won't pay the bills in NASCAR these days.

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