Monday, November 1, 2010

Update: We are Busy Busy Busy

Yep, we are all busy. Zeke has about got our car ready for a new 2011 Ford Body. Sarah has been doing a great job of getting our marketing stuff together (when I remember to send my part of stuff to her). Hope to have web site up and running soon.

Scott is running hard and trying to keep our truck in the road making $$$. And we are all working towards landing a sponsor to run the full season.

We tested at Cordele in September with Brandon Thomson. He has a lot of seat time in late models and legends. He did a great job in the car and we have high hopes of getting him in the car for next season. He bought put a whuppin on the whole ARCA field at Toledo a few years back in his first race in a heavy stock car.

The USAR Pro Cup schedule should be released this upcoming weekend. We are hoping for at least one race in Georgia if not two. We are expecting a 14 race season which work out great for our family and work lives. We expect the season to open in New Smyrna FL. We will go as far north as South Boston, VA and as far west as Iowa.

We are taking the whole family to Iowa...driving out and making a few stops as part of our family vacation. I'm going to see Elvis. Sho wish the powers that be would add Memphis back to the race schedule!!

Race Kitty is doing fine and her five offspring, Lugnut, Spoiler, Splitter and I don't know the other two have taken over the shop. They are under everything and everywhere!! Anybody want a kitty??

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