Friday, March 8, 2013

Kick off to 2013 Racing season

Poor Denny
I wouldn’t pay that fine either.  What did he really say other than the truth?  Bless his heart.  The NASCAR speech police need their badges revoked. 

Gen 6…is it a racier race car?
Didn’t look like it at Daytona.  Even though I wasn’t a fan of the love bug racing….south Georgia folks know what I mean…I’ve never enjoyed pack racing, nose to tail, just waiting to wreck. 

I still want to see some throttle response.  Not being an engineer, I have no idea how to go about making the cars more raceable.  You know, the motor to pull out and make a pass.  I still think it is the relationship between the motor package and aero.  I also think it is still not the right package. 
For the record I could care less about Daytona.  It IS an amazing place and so is Talladega. But I go to Talladega to people watch.  And you should too…at least once.

Phoenix seemed to be more of a tire war trying to be a fuel mileage race.  Even though the car seemed capable of passing at Phoenix, it stilled looked “off” from the perch of my sofa.  So, can’t say that I much blame Denny for his comments.  Maybe the change to this car was a little rushed by the powers that be.
I am pretty certain, from past experience that it will get a LOT of tweaking over the next few months.  Even though I’d never want to see the sport go backwards from a safety perspective, I’d certainly like to see the cars racier.

Basically do something to the motor.  Do something to the spoiler.  Do something to make ‘em race.

ARCA in Mobile

If you are in Mobile or close enough for a road trip, the ARCA cars are in town.  Per, half the field is rookies.  So should be a great short track race.  Frank Kimmel will be trying to “school” the little kids.  These are the days when I wish I had me a little race car.

Best of luck to the Cunningham teams of Bowen and Hessert.

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