Friday, September 14, 2012

The Chase is On...

Richmond...not for us old people

No, I couldn't hang.  I tried to stay awake for the last non chase event to see who the final wild cards would be.  But about 12ish, I guess Scott got tired of my snoring and turned off the TV.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up Sunday morning to find out Bowyer won and Gordon somehow came back to make the Chase field.

I was stunned to say the least.  With the field set, the "real" racing begins.  Not only within the chase drivers, but with those drivers trying to hang on to sponsors and seats.  It is irksome that it starts to really get good about the time college football gets going.  I'll deal.  At least, football plays in the rain.

On to Chicago

The boys started rolling into Chitown Wednesday evening, promoting the 12 drivers that made the Chase.  I'm not crazy about the track itself, another tri-oval.  Whoopee.  But what does intrigue me is the Chitown weather.  You just never know what you'll get up there.  The weather has been known change quickly.

Per the, the high for Sunday is 80 with a low of 55.  The weather will be cool, breezy with of course, NASCAR rain on Friday.  What does this mean for the cars?  Well, for drivers that like loose or "free" cars, it could be trouble.  Cool temps normally = tight cars.  And a track with a lot of grip.  So the successful driver will probably be the one whose crew chief manages tire wear but most importantly times the pit stops.

And those pit stops just might come under green.  Cause Chicago can be a napper.  Like boring.  Who do I like for this race?  Well, Junior likes it.  But I'd keep an eye on the Bif.  I think he likes creeping on these guys.  As usual, my pick is Kez.

Chase Predictions

I know there has got to be some statistical algorithm NASCAR prediction guru out there somewhere.  You know, some nerdy little engineer that has come up with some regression analysis to predict the chase winner.  God bless him or her, I hope it works and they make off like a bandit in Vegas.

But I've got my on predictions and reasons for 'em with out all that math.  Not only do I think the Chase driver need to watch Bif at Chicago, they better keep on eye on him down the stretch.  He's just been there all season.  And you can't count out JimBob.  That boy can finesse a car.  He definitely has smooth down to a fine art.  Plus he has that entire Hendrick thing going for him, which doesn't hurt.

Of course the fan favorite is Joonyah.  And if he ever had another chance to bag the big trophy, by far this is it.  He better but his big boy britches on and drive his hiney off.  It is definitely time for him to Dew it to it!!  Stewart might also be a force, but I'm thinking he might of should of kept his crew chief from last year.  If he gets his game face on, he could prove to be a contender.  But y'all know that saying about a frog and wings, right?

And lastly, my favorite...Bradly.  The Kez.  It's a sentimental choice.  I'll confess.  I want to see him win one for the Captain.  For Dodge.  But also because he comes from a racing family.  A family that never got rich racing.  His Daddy didn't buy his ride.  That boy worked hard and earned it.

It would mean a lot to us ARCA folks.  To have one of "ours" move up and bring home the big win.  And I think those us who have kept watching, you know us "old" fans from back then, we'd like to see this kid win it too.  He is kind of a throwback to when racers did more than hold the steering wheel and tote a helmet.

So, I'm pulling for Kez.  Win. Lose. Draw.  So, who you got?

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