Friday, July 30, 2010

It's The Getting There That's all the Fun

We know. We Know. WE KNOW. Most people think we are crazey to start a race team Way Down Here.

Scott doesn't hunt. He doesn't fish. We don't have any "adult" toys...bass boats, buggies, etc. I detest shopping. We met racing. And we love cars. And we know a lot of people from our racing days.

Everybody needs a hobby. Ours is racing. Work keeps the lights on but racing makes the work bareable.

We have always maintained many of our racing relationships in the ARCA and Truck series. Using those connections, we are slowly building up a small USAR Pro Cup race team. Scott and our Crew chief Zeke, are doing the work on the cars and I'm attempting to get back into the marketing and administrative groove.

We are on twitter, and soon will be on Facebook. We are working with a local graphics whiz and a website and other marketing material. And I'm going to tell ya'll all about it right here.

Our fondest memories of our years racing are the roadtrips, the mile after endless miles spent in wiggle wagons, sleeping, riding and telling tales. I may even share a few of those with all ya'll too!

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